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Hi, I'm ​Raju Bhadra. ​I have shared my traffic methods here on the forum before.

First time I did it, this happened:

​Warriors received from 300-1400+ visitors in 48 hrs after trying my method for the first time.

But It Wasn't Always Like This...

I used to struggle with traffic generation myself.

In fact I struggled A LOT.

You know how you are supposed to setup a site, create content and then get it ranking in the search engines with SEO and link-building?

Yea, never worked for me.

And it wasn't because I didn't try. I have tried more methods than most, but still... Nothing happened.

In fact, embarrassing as it is:

My First Two Years Online Was A Heart-Wrenching Failure...

I just wanted SOMETHING to work for me...

I didn't ask for $1000/day...

Not even $100/day...

All I wanted was for things to turn so I could start to see some progress.

I was losing money daily on my internet-marketing dream.

One day it became so frustrating that:

I Tried Something Completely Different Out of Sheer Desperation.

It wasn't SEO, linkbuilding or any of the usual tactics...

In fact I had not see anyone mention it before.

So I went ahead with a new website, thinking I would reach the same conclusion I was used to: another failure.

But not this time.

When I looked at the analytics dashboard the numbers frankly shocked me:

Within 24 hours I received 5524 visitors to my brand new site.

I was literally stunned as I tried to grasp the potential of my new discovery!

The setup took 10 minutes flat.

And I could now see the visitors pour in on my real time website analytics.

I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting things my computer screen has showed me.

However, I quickly realized something...

I Had Made a Mistake, But Even Poorly Applied The Traffic Hack Handed Me More Than 5,000 Visitors in 24 Hrs...

And in that moment I knew I had cracked the traffic code.

My first traffic hack was born.

It's been 2 years since the first hack was developed, and since I've added four other methods to my arsenal of traffic methods. I now consider this arsenal final. If you can't get traffic with this, you can't get traffic with anything. A bold statement, I know. But I have proof to back it up. Just take a look at some of our case-studies:


Test Case # 1

​A simple blog with zero traffic and barely any content.

​The site received 5524 visitors in the first 24 hrs after using a simple booster method that takes less than 10 minutes to apply.

​Test Case # 2

​A 3-page website with very little daily traffic.Here's what happened right after I applied Traffic Knack # 2

​The site experienced a 890% traffic increase overnight.

​Test Case # ​3

​A small website that with almost no daily visitors.

​The site has received 19k+ visitors over the last few months with zero ongoing work.

​4 Simple Strategies That Will Flood Your Website With Traffic Overnight

​#1 Traffic Knack

​With this method I'll show you my simple 10-minute booster hack that I use to get 800 - 5​,000+ visitors in less than 48 hrs.

When I first showed this method to fellow warriors they returned amazing results. In just 48 hrs after tying it for the first time they received from 300 - 1400 visitors.

You can use this method whenever you need a traffic boost to your website, and it is also perfect as a kickstarter for newer sites.

The main focus for this method is the traffic spike you will get, but it can result in long term traffic. One of my sites went on to get 2​,000+ visitors each month after applying this hack just one time.

​#​2 Traffic Knack

​This traffic hack will consistently produce around 50 new readers to your website every single day. The method will not just give you visitors, it will give you followers who will return to your site over and over and bring you very consistent traffic flow.

I'll reveal the exact step-by-step method I use to get these results and show you how to do it in 15 minutes or less.

"Push-button-simple" is a very overused phrase in the internet marketing community, but for this strategy it fits quite nicely. You don't have to make any content, talk with anyone or do any sort of difficult work.

Just follow the simple steps and this method will bring you traffic day and night as long as your site remains active.

​#​​3 Traffic Knack

​5 simple steps + less than 1 hr = thousands of new visitors by tomorrow.

If you can Copy&Pase, do a simple search and follow simple instructions then you can replicate this over and over to get hordes of traffic to any website.

First time I used this I increased my traffic with 890% overnight from 105 visitors to a wooping 1040 new visitors the next day.

This hack is used by huge websites, magazines and even tv-shows all over the world, so you are playing with the big guys when you learn this traffic hack.

​#​​​4 Traffic Knack

​If you can set aside just 20 - 30 minutes a day then this method will bring you some of the best quality traffic I have ever seen.

You won't get tens of thousands of visitors, but you will get people who are ready to buy. These people have problems, and if you have the solution (or have an affiliate link to the solution) then they are ready to pay for it.

You can get your first visitors today, and as with all of the traffic hacks you don't need any special skills for this to work.

Now, here's why this is different from what you normally see:

These Traffic Hacks Were Developed For My Own Use

​I didn't invent this just to sell it.

These four methods come from the toolbox of traffic generation methods that I use for my own sites. I've tried a lot of different stuff, and only the best methods have made it to this report.

By now you are probably wondering what these traffic hacks are all about, and I can tell you that Traffic Arsenal has nothing to do with:

  • ​SEO
  • ​Paid Traffic
  • ​Product Creation
  • ​WSOs
  • ​YouTube
  • ​Traffic Exchanges

​... or any of the usual stuff. Actually I'm quite surprised so few people talk (or even know) about these traffic strategies. And here's the big kicker:

You don't need any special software, weird skills or long hours in front of the computer. Most of the traffic proofs on this page are from first attempts - which means that you will be able to get similar results today.

This Is For You If...

Traffic Knack is for you if:

  • ​You have a Blog
  • ​You have a Squeeze Page
  • ​You have a Product to Sell
  • ​You are doing Affiliate, AdSense or CPA

... this is really for you if you are doing anything online where you need traffic. Some of the hacks work better for some needs, but the combined power of the 4 different methods will almost guarantee that you will find something you can use. (I have yet to find an area where I can't use 2 or more of these methods...)

So let me ask you this:

​What If You Could End Your Traffic Problems For Good With A Newbie Friendly Method That Only Takes Up 10 Minutes Of Your Day?

​If you still believe in "push button" results then this probably isn't for you..

......but if you are sick and tired of being shut out from the real traffic secrets, then this is your solution.

I know how it feels to struggle with traffic....

but I also know the sweet feeling of finally cracking the code. And I can tell you it feels great to not worry about traffic anymore.

Hit the button below and you'll see the hacks in a minute from now. And even better: in just 30 minutes you can be implementing your first Traffic Knack

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