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Just an example ....

My Friend Pallob.... He is a home tutor.

He leads a very simple life but he is so much interested in Online Income. He never earned any 2 figure $$ ever, he has a lot of interest but he is frustrated always....

He and his Success are enemy.. hehee , anyway

But few days ago he was asking me about CPA marketing.

I provided him some hints and 2 days later I Provided him this secret CPA method (Elite CPA Seeker)...

After few days later he hugged me and thanked me because ................... look at this.!

Now you can finally join the party and earn real income online by fool-proof system..

In fact I want to show you how you can make your first $$$ in 24 hours from now, so read every single word on this page.....

The strategy I am going to show you is so simple and easy to use that even old grandmother could do it. There is no rigid work, there is no thing that you don't understand... 

Anyone, any ages person or low educated person can do it easily...​

And it has nothing to do with:

  • Complicated websites (no website needed!)
  • ​Any coding or HTML
  • ​Cold calling or email chain letters
  • ​MLM’s, Ponzi Schemes or Any of that bull
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • ​Outsourcing
  • Pestering your friends and families for”referrals”
  • ​Massive advertising budgets - or any at all!

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This all came from ridiculously simple”income streams” that haveprovided me a lifestyle of freedom, excitement and adventure for the last years!

I’m living the life most people dream of but never get to experience.

But before I get into the how and why... I want to cover a few basics with you.

You see... money follows certain rules.

And if you know those rules...


  • MaxBounty
  • PeerFly
  • CPAGrip
  • Adscend Media
  • CPA Lead
  • Fileice

You may apply any of this .. all are good and instant approval.

Most of the CPA Platform are highly convert-able 

So, don't worry about platform .... Grab this method apply this method and earn from TODAY 


Society just makes it difficult to understand or even comprehend these rules.

We’re indoctrinated with beliefs that “Good people are poor and evil people are rich".

Just look at Spider Man! He lives in poverty and saves manhattan fromcertain destruction on a daily basis...

All the while, his rich foes build technological and biological abominations from their cruel and evil hearts with their endless supplies of money...

You’re taught from a very young age that “Hard work earns more money.”

If that were true, you wouldn’t be able to make a full-time income by sitting on your ass at home, working less than 30 minutes per day!

In fact, I’d venture to say that you have before you a means to earn more in 3 months than most Neural Surgeons will earn in a year!

That’s just about the hardest work I can think of- Imagine the pressure!! I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it.

The thing is, I’ve struggled and I’ve struggled hard.

But life brings you to places - sometimes it’s on your knees, sometimes it’swhen you’re dead broke.


I know this story is all-too-familiar for many people out there, so I’ll spare you.

But you’ll know what I’m saying when I tell you that it’s ridiculous to expect someone to live off $500 per month!

That’s just cruel.

So you’re here today. You’re here because there’s something in your heart that is SCREAMING...

and it’s loud...

It says, “I KNOW there is another way, an easier way.

I know I do not have to live like this...

I believe that there is a much more effective and liberating way to live my life...

And I am SICK of struggling.”

I’m here right now confirming your heart’s beliefs.


In fact, it’s completely 100% OPTIONAL and today you have an opportunity to completely SKIP it.

You are RIGHT. And you CAN have it better.

So congratulations.

Congratulations for not falling for the CRAP that society bombards you with on a perpetual basis.

Congratulations for not getting SUCKERED into the lies and coaxed in to the endless spiral of destruction that is society’s slave-driver.

Congratulations for pushing forward and finding THIS PAGE... becauseit’s all about to change for you.

You may feel like it’s too late, but the very fact that you’re here is enoughfor me to know...


And I Want to Show You Everything...

From A to Z, Now I use CPA Marketing to Earn A Full Time Income.... 

To pull in fat paychecks of 3 and 5 figure paydays on a consistent and reliable basis.

I’m talking income levels that will allow you to..​

  • FINALLY say goodbye to that nagging, thankless“Boss Hole’..
  • Enjoy endless amounts of free time with friends and family at last!
  • ​Provide your loved ones and friends with the things they really WANT!
  • Completely DESTROY that mortgage once and for all..
  • Eliminate 100% of your debts and bills with one foul swoop!
  • Go anywhere at any time and declare your very own indefinite vacations!
  • ​Work from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, the beach or even in a tree for all I care!
  • ​Get that car you’ve had your eyes on for the last 10 years!
  • Eat out anywhere you want, any time you want-bring your friends and family ! Drinks on you !

Look Warrior, You are a human like me.

And you’re JUST as valuable. You DESERVE this lifestyle just as much as every other person on this planet.

I have come to the belief that these are basic human privileges.

We should ALL get to experience abundance and prosperity.

And now, there is nothing that can keep you from earning the income you deserve besides knowledge.

And today, I want to give you that knowledge...


More Specifically, Here’s What You’re Getting...

- REAL LIFE CASE STUDY: Follow exactly what I did where I got real, documented results with CPA following the simple free traffic method taught in CPA Profits Machine

- The one CPA trick you MUST be doing to increase commissions by at least DOUBLE on any little passive profits campaign you set up

-I give you the exact tools you need to build your passive income machine; including where to find the best _____ and step by step how to get them up and working for you.

- How to find the RIGHT offers to start earning commissions with WITHOUT having to create your own product

- The “one and done” formula you’ll use to auto-optimize your _____ to keep earning without ever leaving profits on the table

- The secret sauce I use to keep my _____ STICKING to top positions with ease (no one else is doing this)

I show exactly how to maintain this system working 30 minutes some days, and other days, not working at all.

Most importantly, you get the keys to drive a complete, real CPA business system that can be scaled to $150 per day and beyond 


I don’t want anything to hold you back from getting this step-by-step training and case study today. I know that once you’ll get this, EVERYTHING will change for you and you truly will have your awakening. To make it really easy to get this NOW, I'm giving you a full 30 days to go through The Awakening and make sure this is for you.

If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and I’ll get you a refund of your investment today.

I'm willing to take on ALL of the risk because we know this training and the case study will change your life and make you a lot of money. The only way you can lose is by not getting your hands on this right now.

Still Not Sure If CPA Profits Machine Is REALLY FOR YOU?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, you need this…

  • You’re tried other methods in the past and you didn’t make any money...
  • ​If you want quick result and don't like long time workday ...
  • ​You’re looking for something that’s actually fresh and new...
  • ​You’re tired of buying courses that end up being the same methods over and over again.
  • You want a simple method that’s not complicated that only takes a few minutes daily...
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  • You like the idea of making money today and having fun in the process!

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Attention : You will be happy to hear that there is no extra sells Up OR Down! It's One Time Investment for you !


Patric Jhonson - Student of BRAC University

At first thanks Livingston for your kind help. I am totally newbie in online. I don't imagine how first I will earn from online. I read your 71 Page PDF very much careful because I had no idea about CPA Marketing, but your step by step guideline make it easy as like as hand wash. I appreciate your task. I don't earn too much money to disclose but I saw $$ in my account .It's an amazing feelings for me. Thanks again Livingston.

William Steven - CPA Marketer

I have already earn from CPA marketing on CpaGrip. After receiving Abir's "CPA Profits Machine" I started to apply it and got result too. I increase my income stream from this method. The most amazing think for me your FREE traffic method. Really I love it. Then your step by step guideline also impress me a lot. Overall nice work Livingston. It will be most benefited for the newsiest marketer to understand everything clearly. Actually I am happy because the value of the product worth it ! Highly recommended for anyone.

Janet Emery - Online Marketer

I impressed your quality content, It's really a quick money making stream. Awesome method. I love this method because it is all laid out very much SIMPLE and anyone can apply this method. The Best thing, it is a EVERGREEN system.

It's a super simple process that anyone can learn and implement Once you pick up the course you need to take daily, consistent action on everything I teach and DO NOT stop until you get results.


If you think this system doesn't worth this value you may refund it within 30 days... I hope you will be satisfied it's my confidence !

Wish Your CPA Marketing Success,

Ivy Livingston.


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Q: What is 'CPA Profits Machine' ?

A: This is a way to make money with a specific type of CPA offers using one of the biggest FREE traffic sources with unique twists from me. If you own some other products released by me, you already know all my products are completely different high-quality methods. So even if you have any other courses from me I highly recommend buying this one as well.Make Big Money, Really Fast and Without Mistake.

Q. Which Network will be workable ?

A. MaxBounty, ​PeerFly, CPAGrip, Adscend Media, CPA Lead, Fileice. You may apply any of this .. all are good and instant approval. Most of the CPA Platform are highly convert-able

Q: I am a complete newbie, is this for me?

A: Yes, anyone can make this method work. The ebook is outlined in a step by step format with screenshots and with lots of useful tips from me. Absolutely no technical experience is required! It's quite safe to say even my grandma could do this!

Q: How is the course delivered?

A: This ebook comes in PDF format (step by step guideline with screenshot and very much easy to understand ) you will get immediate access to once your payment has been processed.

Q: Do I need to buy traffic?

A: No absolutely not! I will show you an underground traffic source that will generate massive loads of free targeted traffic. I'm not talking about Facebook, Google or any of those. Problem with them is they're over saturated. This one I will show you is not...It's filled with tons and tons of targeted people ready to buy.

Q. How much can I earn with this method?

Basically it depends upon you. but assure you may Generate $150+ In 24 Hours at least

Q. Do I Need Websites, Hosting or Domains?

A- No. I have shown everything without the need of any websites complication. But this is optional. If you want to use Websites for long term purpose, then you can do that. we recommend to use Websites for very long term business. But at first you can do everything without website, if you are complete newbie

Q. What if I fail with this method, do you offer a money back guarantee?

A- Obviously, 30 days quick money back guarantee. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for me. I appreciate every customer, that's why I want you to get real results. Give this method a serious shot, and if you don't get any results, drop me a line on Facebook with your PayPal email address and I'll refund your investment back 

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Attention : You will be happy to hear that there is no extra sells Up OR Down ! It's One Time Investment for you !