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Hi there...

This is Lukmankim with my partner G. Pall



G. Pall

I have been doing Internet marketing since 2011.

In this long period I've seen many people who came to the Internet Marketing world to spin the wheel of fortune.

Some of them have gained and the rest have failed.

The gainer's ratio was too low. I think it is only 5% who has made $$$ from online.

You can ask a question... Why most of the people failed to do Internet Marketing??

Firstly I'll say... They have no patience in a certain topic to figure it out.

Secondly... Most of the time they caught by the so called GURU's persuasive speech. They bought an online course that promised to make a lot of money in just a few days with little to no effort... Unfortunately, a lot of the methods out there that promise BIG money for doing little to no work, just don’t seem to work like they say.

Finally...! They couldn't find the hidden Code of making money online.

But facing all of these who don't give up and try to crack the code of money vault, fortune always favor to them.

Today I'm going to share with you the story that I Named "Tale Of The Fortunate Spy".

Yes! I called him "The Spy of Internet Marketing".

We always want to listen the success story, the successful person's story...

So it's better to know from him...

From The Desk Of G. Pall:

Hello money seeker like me...

Welcome to the code area!

Go back to past 2 months. I'm here on my desk doing all the fucking Ggle... Ytube... Fbook... for hour after hour.

Why? Wanted to see at least $100 in my pocket in the morning!

Otherwise life was Horrible...

Anyway, Then I stopped for a while. For a new Mission!

From that moment I start researching on "A $100 mission" that can take 3 hours of my time... not 10!

I found 1000's of products out there that promise BIG money for doing little to no work!

I spend more than 500 bucks and countless hours for implementing all of their promise. Believe me... Nothing works.

This incident shocked me too much.

What the hell is going with all the methods? Or the problem is in me??

I wondered… What had I done wrong?

All these “get rich quick method” just wasn’t going to give me the promised results.

But I clearly knew, some people killing these methods and making a lot.

So I go back for decoding all the data.

Although their formula don't work for me but they left some clues for me!

I start to collect all the clues, arrange them and finally decode!

I got the code of money vault!!!

I set the funnel and it takes only 2 hours to get ready for action.

I applied the code as a brand new and finish all the task within less than 1 hour.

Then I shut down my PC and went to my bed.

Next Morning I Wake up And Noticed Something Different!

It Wasn't Just Another Ordinary Day. It Was A
Big Surprising Pay Day!

Breaking my all record, I got $94.68 payment within 24 hours!

1st Day Earning!!!

It's Really Hard To Believe That Around $100 Just For 1 hour!!

I Can't Control Myself To Express It When I Made Another $116.74 In The Next Day!

I called Lukmankim and express all the fabulous happening in my side.

I send him all the data and the crack code of the vault.

Checking all of these and my technique he just express "WOW"

Then Lukmankim and I put this To The Test And Got Very Similar Results For Ourselves…

My Results From The First Week Were $836.64...

Lukmankim's Results From His First Week Doing This Were $1,096.34…

All It Takes are Just Three Simple Steps…

  • Step 1) Copy our secret code what we'll provide to you.
  • Step 2) Paste it in the right place.
  • Step 3) Get cash from your online machine!

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So we decided to share our method to you. Because...

Marketers make Marketers...

Our Mission Is Simple…

Create a step-by-step guide that you can use to start making REAL money online RIGHT NOW…

We wanted to put an end to the “playing the slots” online business mindset...

Our goal is to put together a simple, PROVEN method that anyone could “copy and paste” to see big success online...

A method that wouldn’t take you weeks or months to see results.

We want to see your result within 24 hours of getting started and see deposits in your PayPal account like us...

If you’re tired of all of the hype and methods that promise everything and give you little to nothing in return…

THIS is for you…


CCrack Code is a step-by-step PDF training guide that gives you everything you need to start making instant payments into your PayPal account as soon as Today.

We have cracked the code of making $100 - $120 per day with a very super simple technique!

Just plug in, follow our simple guide to put the Secret Code into the right place.... and start making money right away!

And the true beauty of this method is...

These Income Machine only take less than 1 hour to finish the task. Once you're done the entire system is automated. It pull in money for you 24 hours per day... 365 days of the year. And there's no limit to how many of these Income Machines you can set up.

Just imagine how much money you'll make when you have an army of 10 of these working for you while you're busy enjoying life!

Here What You Will Discover Inside The
CCrack Code

  • Handshake
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    How to put your name on Internet Marketing with this method today, even if you’re a complete newbie and you’ve never made a penny online.
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  • Why this method is different than everything else out there… When you follow the training, you’ll be able to wake-up to money in your PayPal account every single day.
  • Plus a lot more interesting...

But don’t just take our word for it…
Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Simple
$100+ Per Day Method…

His Code Is Fantastic!

I am just blown away! G. Pall has cracked the code on setting up simple simple but extremely powerful little profit machine that pay you daily.

Even better, they pay you month after month and year after year. This should really be $400 - $500 course bu​t Pall is almost giving it away at this price.

This is the real deal and he is a genius him the way he is teaching this.

Manny Hanif  //  Internet Marketer

Still Chasing After Your Passive Income Dream?

You can finally make it come true! G. Pall and Lukmankim has put together an awesome case study that shows you how to generate the easiest and most hands-off passive income you'll ever see. The most surprising is that.. as their promise, I have able to make profit within 24 hours of starting!

You have really got to see it to believe it!

G. Dave  //  Retired Professor

CCrack Code Gives Me A Lot!

Hi Pall! I'd like to congratulate you for your amazing work. Thank you for providing us with so much support and dedication, for your comprehensible explanations and for that big smile. Needless to say, I enjoy your bonuses like a child on Xmas day! To me, You are one of the greatest marketers, and actually, mu favorite. Thank you again for everything and greeting for you and your family.

Nora Dunfee  //  Entrepreneur

You Shouldn't Miss It Out...

I already knew this method being used to make sales, but I´ve never seen it applied the way Pall is doing. He created his own unique twist that is easy to implement. I can see why he is getting great results online. The quality of information is amazing, I could definitely use this method on my own online business"

Kayode Steve  //  Affiliate Marketer

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Raju Bhadra

MD at Perfect Passion LLC.

When I first saw their results, it amazed me! My curious mind just wanted to know, "What's the scene behind of this success?" I just went through CCrack Code and found their secret formula. Now I have to honestly say, " It's one of the easiest way and ANYONE can make money online start with it. It's truly a Newbie friendly way to go from ZERO to $100+ per day just 60 min of work! This is Highly Highly recommended.

What It Would Feel Like

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Everyone’s goals are a little different, but you can make enough money with this method to…

Buy A New Car...

Make improvements around the house...

Or go on a dream vacation...

Imagine Being Able To Make Money From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Any Part Of The World…

This method will make you that kind of money with less than an hour of work each day.

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To your success...


G. Pall

P.S. In 30 days time you can either be still living the broke as a joke lifestyle... or making a full time income online. It's your choice!

P.S.S. We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions to make it easy to get this and start making money today!

"Frequently Asked Questions"

  • What is CCrack Code?

This is a super simple technique that anyone can use to start making $100-$120 per day from the very first day. You don’t need a website, a list, or even any budget for traffic to get started.

  • What if I’m a complete newbie?

No problem. You don’t need any special skills or prior experience to do this. No product creation or anything complicated is required.

  • I have a full-time job… How much time will this take?

This is perfect for you. You can get setup in about an hour and we show you how to work less and less as you make more money each day (this will make more sense once you go through the training… we’re all about working SMARTER not harder).

  • How much money do I need to invest to make this work?

Zero. This method has an awesome technique that makes it easy to get started right away without any sort of investment. If you can point and click your mouse and follow very basic instructions, you have everything you need to start making money right away.

  • Do I need a budget for traffic?

Nope. We reveal an underground, 100% FREE traffic method to get you started. As a bonus, we also include some paid traffic methods that will give you bigger results even faster, but paid traffic is optional.

  • How much money can I make with this?

Although the sky is limit, you should be at the $100 per day level within a day… possibly even within hours of getting started.

  • Is there an oto?

Nope. We have includes all the training and information in the FE session. So that you don't need to further investment to implement.

  • Is there a guarantee?

You bet. You have a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If not, just email us for a full refund. No questions asked.

  • How do I get instant access?

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