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Today, for a Limited Time Only, I am willing to share EXACTLY how I make DAILY Affiliate Sales on ClickBank and make over $500 in a day and give YOU the opportunity to learn my methods.

99% Of Newbie Affiliate Marketers FAIL…

I don’t want to sound negative, but most people who start Affiliate Marketing end up failing...

They have no focus, they have no guidance and they don't know how to play out of the crowd.

This is the “NORMAL” result for 99% of marketers...

On The Other Hand...
Most Online Income Systems Are Saturated, Too Expensive Or Just DON’T Work...

I tried many methods I could to make money online. Almost every step was easy except  one and I keep getting asked this from many marketers, over and over again...

"How Do I Drive Traffic That Converts"

At first I had NO Idea at that point. I started trying everything that can drive traffic for my offers.

I had a very low budget, so I couldn't get a mentor, run & test Ads or buy products online, I’ve tried all the newest and oldest methods.

I tried everything you could think of and nothing worked for me.


I thought if I want to get succeed I need a high budget & a lot of time to work it out. But was so difficult, and it took so much from me, mentally.

I was losing motivation. But I never gave up, and try & try...

But then I discovered this method that I now call "CB Covert Code".

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It takes you less than 30 minutes to set up at the beginning. More importantly, it puts you in front of real buyers immediately, does NOT require any technical setup skill.

Literally I used This technique in different niche market(and its 100% worked to them).

With this FREE Traffic Source, you can get more affiliate commission, book sales, more info product sales, more eCom product sales, software sales, get more audience and grow your business even if you're a complete beginner.

Best of all, you set it up just ONCE (in less than 30 minutes), and then you magnetically attract new Hot Buyers & Customers day after day.

It all comes to you for FREE on autopilot...

Again...and again...and again.

It's the magic of CB Covert Code System.

This method is Completely...

 - Beginner friendly - NO experience needed

 - You don’t need any technical skills, prior online experience

 - No Websites, Domains or Hosting Needed.

 - Don't need to buy any software tools

 - Don’t need an email list, a website, or a product of your own to get results.

"Set & forget" commission machines take minutes to create … and KEEP generating profits.

It’s proven and working better today!

You have the opportunity to go after people who are your target market in a way that you have never done before and Its FREE or cost a little.

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CB Covert Code is a unique, PROVEN method for banking consistent affiliate commission from ClickBank in under 10 minutes of work per day.

It’s UNIQUE because it combines PROVEN traffic & income methods for affiliate marketing professionals … in a twist that’s NEVER been seen before.


To CB Covert Code And Discover:

  • How to set up the entire funnel in just 30 minutes.
  • How to be up, running and in profit in as little as 24 hours from right now
  • How to choose hot NICHE that keep you in advanced from Thousands of competitor
  • How to utilize the offer page to make your task super simple
  • Discover my secret code to quickly get fast and free traffics that convert well.
  • A Surefire way to get instant hot buyers
  • How to quickly make 3 figures per day with this easily repeatable method
  • How to create MULTIPLE affiliate commission streams from this unique method
  • How to scale up the income as big as you want
  • How to change lifestyle dramatically out of the STRESS 
  • BEST PART? You can Start this same business Right NOW.

3 Figures In Daily Potential Commissions...
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Click Play: to see the over the shoulder videos describing the system in action

Copy: the step by step instructions to set up your own commission machines’ & get 100% free traffic to them

Rinse & Repeat: once your 1st commission machine is in profit, just repeat the process to scale your income!

CB Covert Code Gives You EVERYTHING You Need Including:

Over The Shoulder Video Training

You’ll unlock this simple A-Z system just by watching these videos … It’s like having us in your living room showing you EXACTLY what to do, and when to do it. From your passively monetized pages to traffic - and everything in between - in a super simple, easy to follow format.

Real Life $500 In A Day
Case Studies 

I'll show you everything from start to finish how I make $500 commissions in a day. Finally you can copy my exact system and paste into your business. This is very easy process. 6 years child to 65 years grandpa can do it easily. You just need a PC and Internet connection to do it at your home or anywhere.

Secret Traffic Domination Strategy

Uncover my secret, 100% free traffic methods that are untapped by most marketers, but drive daily commissions to my pages and offers.

You will get this secret traffic code to make the system super simple. Just show your offer and get commissions! 

What Makes CB Covert Code
Different And 2X More Effective
Than ANY Other Online Income System

There are many methods for making money online.

Many different methods for making money offline.

CB Covert Code is the 1st EVER system that combines the perfect NICHE and super TRAFFIC formula for making easiest affiliate commission online.

And it’s never been shared before.

Don’t worry - you WON’T be knocking on doors or meeting people in person.

You can do it anytime to anyplace at your favor.

Meaning MASSIVE untapped profit potential for you.

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See real reviews from real customer...

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This is the real benefit of internet marketing!

Getting near-INSTANT traffic and earning passive commissions from ClickBank has never been so easy...

  • You don’t need to create any Product
  • You don’t need to have a LIST
  • You don’t need to pay for any ads
  • You don't have to create websites
  • You don't have to do any SEO
  • Heck, you don’t even need your own YouTube Channel OR a hosting account!

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This is different, and I can prove it!

Get inside and see the CB Covert Code system at work and how easy it is I know you will be blown away, so I'm going to make this super easy and give you a full 30 days to make sure it is for you.

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the training, simply send an email to my support desk and I will refund every penny of your investment. The only way you can lose here is by not taking the chance to see what I have here, and taking full advantage of it whilst you have the chance.

Note: For your refund, require a valid reason along with proof that you tried my system but it didn’t work for you. I take your investment incredibly seriously, and can’t wait for you to APPLY this system for great results. My support team has over a 99% proven record of solving any customer issues, and is here to help get you the results you deserve.

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Try something new, and maybe, just maybe, achieve the results you so desire.

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P.S - By simply using these strategies in your own business, you'll have the edge, because you'll be using simple strategies that most affiliate marketers simply don't even know exist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is CB Covert Code?

A: It is a video training course showing my secret method for generating tons of commissions on ClickBank with the hidden traffic formula.

Q: Do you need your own products?

A: Absolutely not. That's the beauty of affiliate marketing.

You can get started with just a computer, internet access and a PayPal account. You don't even need a website if you don't want to.

Q: Do You Need A Reputation Or Following?

A: Nope. I'll show you how to use leverage to get everything you need. Vendors unwittingly provide you with everything you need if you know where to look ;)

I'll be sharing all this with you.

Q: Is This Complicated And Techy?

A: Absolutely not, you need to sign up for a couple of accounts and run the system, if you are here reading this, you already have the necessary skills :)

Q: Can I Do This As A Newbie?

A: es of course. The whole point is to make this accessible to anyone.

What I teach are simple strategies you won't find anywhere else that you can use in your own affiliate business.

Q: How Soon Can I Expect Results?

A: This will vary based on niche selection and each person’s individual effort.

However - I’ve had MANY students generate commissions within 3 days … then maintain that passive income over the long term.

Q: Will I Need To Pay For Traffic?

A: I have include both paid and free traffic formula to make it super simple. If you want to get results fast then my paid traffic formula in incredible!

With the free method you don't need a single cent! The entire CB Covert Code method is built around a powerful, 100% free traffic strategy that actually works!

Q: Can This Method Get Saturated?

A: Impossible. Unlike methods that ‘limit’ you to the IM niche, this is wide open. You’ll connect with buyers in dozens of niches to generate passive income with practically zero competition.

Q: Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

A: I want you to be completely satisfied and thrilled with what you discover, which is why you’re completely protected by my 30 Day Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t absolutely overjoyed with CB Covert Code or anything you’re getting today in any way, just let me know. I stand behind what I sell.

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