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I have put together a comprehensive A-Z guide to selling on Amazon. You won’t find a guide this easy to follow yet so packed with advice anywhere else on the web.

You Can Make Big Bank Selling Real, Physical Products All Shipped From Amazon!

  • This is Not Drop shipping!
  • This is Not The Amazon Affiliate Program!
  • This is Not Kindle or eBooks

This is Amazon FBA! Amazon is the fastest growing company in the world. And you can build a life changing business on Amazon legitimately.

Amazon FBA is not hard to learn at all. All you need is a step by step guide to sign up as there are a number of steps. An idea of where to get products to sell and what sells and how to ship them to Amazon.

That's it! I learned this from my friend who does FBA full time and is now moving into buying wholesale products to sell on Amazon. Which is the natural learning curve. It's true you can make a fortune with this but you need to get your feel wet first.

FBA is not hard...Why?

Because Amazon does everything... almost literally

Amazon FBA also known as Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that allows anyone to take advantage of Amazon's vast marketing resources.

In a nutshell the way it works is you in just 4 simple steps:

  • check
    Step 1: Product Research
  • check
    Step 2: Source Your Product
  • check
    Step 3: Create Your Listing
  • check
    Step 4: Launch and Make Money

See The Proof!

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  • Skip all the frustration and unhappiness that comes from trying to put together all the pieces of the make money online puzzle.
  • Eliminate all the guesswork using a proven plan and letting someone who's already been there to show you the way with a crystal clarity.
  • Witness how your income grow exponentially with little to no extra work on your end.
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  • Spend quality time with the family and friends, no matter what day of the week it is!
  • Have the freedom and money to travel to all those special places you've always dreamed of Tropical Islands, The Caribbean, You name it!
  • Work for yourself whenever you want to and get paid what you deserve.

Exciting, right...?

All that and much more can be done when you follow the same steps to build your own store on Amazon, with a bit of patience.

Allow Me To Introduce...
"Amazon FBA Goldmine"

Amazon FBA Goldmine contains an incredible arsenal of technique that many marketers use to generate passive profits. This is a simple, solid, tangible plan to get you started selling online.​ ​It’s a treasure chest full of experienced hidden secrets on sourcing.

It has everything to get you started from today to becoming a top seller marketer tomorrow.

Finally you too can be the next FBA rockstar and start cranking in massive paydays...

And took the Income level to 3x using this simple wealth-creation strategy to make bank on Amazon.

Here’s What You'll Learn With
Amazon FBA Goldmine

  • How to use Amazon FBA to sell almost anything for big profits.
  • How to easily find products to sell. If you can drive to the store you can do this.
  • How to Find REAL companies that won't scam your money.
  • How to get profitable product ideas guaranteed to make you massive profits every time!
  • Best way to Negotiate with Suppliers to get the Best Deal.
  • A Way to save on importing costs & insurance when starting out.
  • How to use Amazon to do all the work for you and sources to automate even the little work you actually do.
  • How to Freeup capital to buy more Goods Faster.
  • How to scale up your premises without risking your cash flow.
  • Step by Step setup guide including how to get Amazon to display your products at the Top of the Product Listing.
  • How to get your products to Amazon warehouses with optimal cost.
  • How to price your products and sell way more than any competitor, using my most effective pricing strategy.
  • The amazingly simple step you must take to avoid the most common mistake that most newbies make.
  • Several jealously guarded secrets that top sellers use.
  • How to run a successful business from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • How to be successful long-term on Amazon with a little-known recipe only the top sellers know.

Why Amazon FBA Goldmine is Better
Than Others Courses/Products Out There?

When It Comes to a Solid-Proven Business Model, Most of Them Are...

  • Complicated and takes weeks or months to figure out.
  • Don’t actually work like they claim.
  • Totally filled with Garbage.

But Amazon FBA Goldmine is Totally Different...

  • This product has been created by our real life experience.
  • We actually use this formula to get results and make money
  • We've eliminated all the complexity and formed it as super easy​.

You Heard Enough from me! Lets See What
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Who Are Using This Method

The pdf covers everything from how to create selling account to how to send your items to Amazon covering everything in detailed with screen shots.

Lukmankim also gives you list of products to look for to sell on Amazon. This is not get rich quick WSO but if you put some hard work then the sky is limit.

Ivy Livingston

Internet Marketer

I am an eBay seller and Amazon seller for a little over a years.

I just finished going through the first part of this guide. He gives you 8 well thought out and actionable techniques in this first training part.

He also gives you a step by step analysis after talking about each topic. This is great for a complete newbie, and for advanced sellers.

You can honestly follow what he has in the first and make money!

Marcia Jones

Amazon FBA Pro

Wow - Sometimes you just have to wonder why someone like Lukmankim would take the time to share his vast knowledge and experience at a price that is probably less than you paid for a Cup of Coffee last evening. But all you can do is shake your head and take advantage of the generous offer.

First of all, this won't be for everyone. If it's for you, you're probably already jumping up and down and your only question is "Is this for real?"

I can assure you it is and it could easily become, and probably should become, your lifestyle as well as your business as it clearly is for him.

You may think you only want to do this part time, and you could, but if you know how and what to look for (and you will) there are deals to be had practically anywhere and everywhere.

Ruth Atkison

Digital Marketer

Lukmankim's step-by-step guide to setting up an Amazon FBA business gives you the nuts and bolts you need to achieve this successfully.

His guide is a great primer on quickly getting setup and profiting with Amazon FBA. He outlines the benefits to selling on FBA, how to get started with easy to follow and step-by-step screenshots, and provides many examples of what to sell and where to find inventory.

This is clear and easy-to-follow training for launching your own FBA business.

Kelly Newlon

Affiliate Marketer

So How Much For Amazon FBA Goldmine?

I'm offering you here a real solution to create a passive income. When it comes of a real business solution, it can easily put a $197 price tag.

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However I understand that not everyone has the capacity to take huge risks, and I for one didn't quite start out that way.

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Every single day people sell or give away valuable products for far less than what they are worth to people like us.

And, we turn around and sell those products at a huge profit, EASY CASH.

I’ve made a completely living doing this for years.

But, that’s not all!

You Too Can Do the Same Without...

  • check
    Any special tech skills
  • check
    Design or coding skills
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Paid Advertising
  • check
    Own Store
  • check
    Recruiting Affiliates
  • check
    List building

Don’t Need Tons of Cash - Easily Scale Up and Down!

You don’t need a lot of money to do this.

In fact, I’ll show you a few places you can get stuff for free, which you can then turn around and sell for maximum

You can then scale up this system as you are ready to do so.

You will not need to commit a lot of money and time to this either!

I’ll show you all of this and more inside.

You Are Protected By My Risk-Free,
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We don’t want anything to stop you from getting this product today at a discount.

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Act now and be the next FBA superstar.

If you need any help with your member access, I'll be right with you and support is just a click away.

Q: What’s this all about?
A: Amazon FBA Goldmine is a proven business model. This course has brought the FBA business in the new angle that eleminates all the hardwork. This course will tech you how to start an easy FBA business today and grow it into a Six Figure business model Regardless of Who You Are And What Your Level Of Experience Is.

Q: How soon can I start seeing results with the Amazon FBA Goldmine?
A: It depends on how quick you are when it comes to implementing everything from the course, but typically people see results within the first/Second week after they start using the system.

Q: How much will I have to spend upfront on products?
A: Your investment is minimal. It depends on the product and the company you’ll be working with, but generally you don’t have to spend much money until you validate the product which is selling well , I’ll show you exactly how to achieve this in the course.

Q: How Much Do you Need to get Started?
A: Every person sets there bench mark differently. To give you a idea I first started importing Sd Micro Memory Card from China and I got them to send it to Australia. I bought 100 pieces at $5 each plus shipping total to my door step $618 USD. I sold them for $15-$20 per piece depending on what the customer. But the important thing was I made a profit. I did it very easy, and all I had to do was then scale up by moving volume.

Q: Are you also using this method and how well are you doing?
A: Yes, I’m also selling physical products through Amazon and my income ranges from $15k and up to $30k for some months.

Q: Is this newbie friendly?
A: Yes, why not? This is a done-for-you meaning you really do not have to do much. We do all the work. We build your business for you.

Q: Do I need a Licence to Import products into my country?
A: No, That's why we use a Customs Broker to import and clear the goods on our behalf. They handle everything. You do not need to know about that, that's why we pay them. Our job is to focus on importing Hot products that will sell like hot cakes and keep all the money.

Q: How is the training delivered?
A: You get step-by-step PDF training along with a easy to follow Cheat Sheets.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Yes. You get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If you want a refund for any reason during that time, just send me an email. I’m not happy unless you’re happy, which is why I’m taking on 100% of the risk on this.
The only way you lose is if you leave here without getting your hands on this today.

Q: How do I get instant access?
A: Click the button below to get instant access.

Warning About Price Increase!
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